Horses and Kiddos

My hope, my dream is that there be a place children can come and experience peace, safety and love through a horse. It must be with trees, mountains, pastures, barns and quiet. My haven as a child was everything outdoors and horses. There I could be just me. I could breath the cool crisp air, listen to birds, smell the horses, hear the wind moving across the grasses, watch the bugs, feel the sun on my skin.

Sometimes I would just sit all by myself, pet my horse letting the sun and quietness of the country warm my heart. Most days I would ride my Welsh/Morgan for hours down every country road within miles.

It was then my heart began to soften. It was there I dared to begin to trust and hope again -all because of the love of my horse and a gentle sense of peace that seemed to be near.

Founder – Sherrie

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